How To Configure Netgear Wi-Fi Router

If your modem is already connected to the computer, unplug the processor of the new cable and plug it into the port labeled WAN router. If not, then simply connect the modem cable to the router port and begin step up came from the router configuration.

The software must be updated to firmware installed on your Linksys router and. Simply connect the router directly to the computer with an Ethernet cable. Connection to the router configuration page with ‘‘ (open your Internet browser and type in the address field without quotation marks, and press Enter). You would have to enter your username and password in order to open a session. Ensure docs router for information.

If you find that your network is not secure, you should plan to ensure. Do this on your wireless router. Just enter the following into the address bar of the browser. It will then be the default properties of the router. From there, just click on the Wireless and Security tab.

Select follow Configuring Quick start link, type your user name of Internet service providers (email address) and password ISP. Click (I know it is strange) to send and warning icon in the upper right corner is, finally select save and restart. Your connection should or two minutes, you click on the home link to see your connection status.

It’s not really necessary to know the IP address of your router; However, it is important to know your IP address, if you have a new router, or if you have a home network problem.

In such an environment, the configuration options are all based on your personal choice. If the router you use is wireless type, then you should consider setting up DSL ISP, a unique identifier for your router by encrypted transfer of a WEP key to traffic without unwanted wire. You must first enter the default IP address “” into the web browser.

Obviously, with a clever pirate, they can do many things to cover their tracks, but one thing is certain, the data must be transferred to scan your computer and models is a method to identify problems on the network.

The default user name and password left blank is used as the “admin” in the Linksys wireless router. However, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doc before entering information into the login fields ….